Monday, May 23, 2011

Afternoon stroll to la tienda de medialunas followed by finishing The Elephant's Journey in la tienda de café with a café con leche.

Then, around 4:30pm, I took the subte to the arteplex cinema in Belgrano to see My Afternoons with Margueritte. French film with Spanish subtitles. I feared I'd be completely lost, but to my pleasant surprise, I understood just fine. Though I think my brain is now in need of a small nap. But it was a very sweet movie and reminded me of all the old ladies I used to take care of at my old job. Especially Jo and Marybelle, both of whom I miss a lot. And of course my grandma, because she always loved books and words and gave me the dictionary when I was learning how to spell. [That comment only makes sense if you go see the movie. Which you should. Cause it's nice.]

It's getting really cold here. I basically had two days of summer before immediately returning to fall. I laughed at a man wearing gloves today, until I realized that I had my hands balled up in my coat sleeves. I forgot that 50 degrees in humid climate is much different than 50 degrees in the desert. So much for these dresses and shorts I brought with me. I just might have to go shopping in Palermo Viejo.

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