Sunday, April 3, 2011

A short list of things I hate the most:

Running out of milk
Running into people I know at the grocery store
Carrying a ton of groceries up to my apartment
People arriving at my house unannounced
The smell of burnt pretzels

A short list of things I love the most:

When I can finally drive with the windows down, music blaring
When I get really good comments on a paper
Sitting on rooftops in good weather
When the right music or right literature falls into my life at the right time
New sunglasses

Speaking of new sunglasses, I want these. Really. Badly.

[Note: I realize that lately I have been posting a lot of images of things I have either purchased or would like to purchase. That's because this is a blog of collections. All kinds of collections. I'm virtually hoarding here. See blog entry #1 for a more artful explanation.]

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