Thursday, March 31, 2011

The first time I heard The National's High Violet, I was sitting on the floor of this place, waiting over an hour for my 6 peso pizza.

For the record, 6 pesos back in May of last year equated to approximately $1.68 USD. Now it's about $1.48 USD. $1.48 for an entire large delicious fresh cooked pizza. [Which reminds me, listen to the This American Life podcast about money. It's excellent. Especially the part about Brazil's economy.]

Anyway, my point is that I was sitting on the cracked concrete floor of la fabrica de pizza when I first heard "Terrible Love" and exploded with that forced-deep-breath-heart-full-&-bursting-needing-to-laugh-&-cry-&-dance-all-at-once feeling I only get from listening to amazing songs for the first time. Now that I'm going back to la fabrica, or rather, back to Buenos Aires, I am hoping beyond hope that I'll find as wonderful a travel companion for this trip as High Violet was for that one. I'm open to suggestions. But I'm also sort of just wishing to stumble upon the right music like last time. One of my favorite aspects of adventure is discovering the music that accompanies it. I cannot wait to once again cross the equator and return to my South American home, this time to a new soundtrack.

it takes an ocean not to break

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