Friday, January 14, 2011


These are the television series of which I've seen every episode. Some are shows that are still running of which I've seen every episode until now and plan to continue until the series is completed. Most of them are embarrassing but there are a few that I am proud to say I know in their entirety.

The West Wing
Freaks and Geeks
Arrested Development
Dirty Sexy Money
Sex and the City
Laguna Beach [I think this has to be the most embarrassing]
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
The Office (USA)

Then there are the shows I was really into and thought I'd watch every episode of, but then abandoned 3-5 seasons in. Or shows I started watching late and never caught up with. Etc.

Rescue Me
That 70's Show

The finished series I am currently watching.

The Sopranos

And finally, the shows I will watch, in order, after my current series.

The Wire
Twin Peaks
Mad Men
Six Feet Under
Breaking Bad

All of this to say, I always think of myself as someone who doesn't watch television, and yet here I am with this list. This list that doesn't even include the randoms shows I get into for a few months and forget about. Consume consume consume. At least I've got a handle on some major pop culture references.


Monet said...

Mad Men should come before the Wire. The Wire is good, but Mad Men...well...I can't get enough of those Drapers

Ali Pearl said...

I've heard Mad Men is amazing, but I've already seen several scenes from The Wire and I'm into it before I've even started. I'll definitely get to Mad Men soon though.