Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I would like for photos to accompany this post, but I got a new MacBook Pro and got far too stressed out while attempting to transfer Picasa from one computer to another. Not a pretty picture. So for now, no photos. I was going to post a beautiful photo from the website of my apartment building, but it seems they've replaced it.

My apartment building.
It's located in an industrial area a few blocks from downtown SLC, surrounded by warehouse looking buildings and old auto repair shops. There are a few coffee shops scattered within walking distance that look very out of place, yet somehow still give off an inviting neighborhood type feeling. It's an environmentally friendly building with solar panels in the parking lot. It even has a bike wash for us bike people. [I say "us" because I am buying a bike to replace the one I sold two years ago.]

My apartment.
I opted for a place in a not so interesting/pretty/has any people in it area because the apartment itself is so beautiful. Hardwood floors. Balcony. Lots of windows for lots of light. Energy saving appliances. Washer and dryer in my apartment. Granite countertops. It's everything I've ever wanted in an apartment. And since a one bedroom is really just a convertible studio, and since rent is cheap in SLC [at least compared to the other places I spend a lot of time i.e. Denver, Manhattan, Los Angeles], I am renting a two bedroom, which is really like a one bedroom. This way, I can use the extra living space, which would otherwise be a very small second bedroom, as an office. I have always wanted an office that is basically just a room with a desk and a ton of bookshelves and books. And a big comfy chair in the corner for reading.

That is really all the news I have at this point. I realize that, since Argentina, I've kind of turned this into more of a real blog and less of a this-is-a-place-where-I-just-post-random-photos-and-words. That's probably going to stop soon as I much prefer the latter form.

I will say one last thing and that is:

The Lumineers EP - the Lumineers