Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am home. Which is currently Littleton, Colorado. It has been high 70's and green since my return and it smells perfectly like summer. It's a different summer than I'm used to because my friends are spread across the country/world and not here, driving from house to house or park to park with me. I used to sit on my driveway at night listening to folk music, smoking clove cigarettes, and watching the stars, but they banned clove cigarettes last fall, which takes something out of the whole experience. I'm still spending the days reading, going back and forth from shade to sun. My car's broken, so I feel a little like I did eight years ago, pre-friends, pre-car, pre-small clove cigarette habit. Except this time my summer ends with me moving to Salt Lake City, Utah to establish, for the first time, a life in a new place. And graduate school. I've never even seen SLC.

As for the mean time, I'm going to Los Angeles for a few weeks to sleep on the beach, read at the pool, eat fresh fish, dance, laugh, and hang out with people I love. After that, SLC to find an apartment. And then maybe one more trip to somewhere, anywhere, before I return to Littleton for a final time to pack my things and drive West. Or North. Or both.

I miss Buenos Aires an incredible amount. I truly believe that my time spent there was life-changing. And my family there will be with me always. It has become a new goal in my travels to not only see as many amazing places as possible, but to reconnect with these amazing people in new locations and new situations. And of course, they are always welcome wherever I happen to be living.

Anyway, here's a little snapshot of my life right now:

I am me. I live in Littleton, Colorado. I graduated college last May and have been working/traveling since. In August I start a masters program in English Literature at the University if Utah. 1) I never want to stop traveling. 2) I want a PhD in English Literature and to become a professor of English after finishing my PhD. Every one of my days is spent planning/working towards one or both of these things.

Also, I have these amazing friends that are constantly doing amazing things and completely blowing me away. They motivate me to want more, to do more, to be better. You can see all the things they do if you click on the links to the right of here. In particular, there is my best friend, who is learning how to save the world in India. Her words and photos are always outstanding, and you can find that out for yourself here: www.iwantmythunder.com

This post feels very incomplete without photos because photos just make everything more interesting. So here's a photo of my cat, Navidson, playing a part in some Shakespeare production in the living room of my old apartment.

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