Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of my favorite things about my trip to BsAs has been my morning [which is really 1 in the afternoon] ritual. I wake up, shower, and go downstairs to Cilantro's for breakfast. I get one of three things for breakfast: yogurt bowl with granola and fruit, omelet with salsa with toast and jam and cream cheese, or croissants and toast with jam and cream cheese. All are served with fresh squeezed orange juice and café con leche. I sit at one of two tables, depending on which is taken. And I take out my book, which has been either Blindness or Americana. I say hi to my wonderful breakfast waitress who loves me, and I read while I wait for my food. Once my food arrives, I put my book away and take out my phone. Check my email and other applications and then open the New York Times and read all the articles in my tiny iPhone version of the paper while I eat. Then I pay my 20 pesos [$5.19], and start my day. I am always excited to go to sleep because I am always excited to wake up for breakfast. Except Saturdays. Cause Cilantro's is closed Sunday until 7pm. In which case I eat an entire box of honey something cereal with my hands that I buy at Coto.

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