Sunday, May 9, 2010

1. Saturday was the giant metal flower in Recoleta and some wandering of the surrounding parks.

2. This is our Freddo. Best. Ice cream. Ever.

3. El Ateneo. The most beautiful book store I've ever seen. And read in. While drinking cafe con leche. Mmmm.

4. We went to Chinatown for dumplings. Instead, I got pollo picante flavored cup of noodles. I did NOT eat these chicken's feet. CHICKEN'S FEET!

[Time out on update because we just performed a rescue mission with Zac, the cat, who somehow got himself stuck on the glass roof and who has been crying for two hours. Rescue mission = successful]

5. 6 Peso pizza. One large cheese pizza here from this lovely "restaurant" on our corner will cost you 6 pesos. Which is approximately $1.60 in USD. You might be thinking, but if it's only 6 pesos it must be horrible!!! You would be wrong. And if you don't take my word for it, trust the two hours wait worth of people [porteƱos no less] sitting on the floor waiting for their order from open till close.

5 1/2. This is our street. Anchorena. It is very busy at random times and very quiet at other... random times.

6. Palermo.

Coming soon... Colonia. When I get around to going there. Also planning: a tour of la casa rosada, the modern art museum in La Boca, the Evita museum, a visit to Once, and more wandering around Palermo [in the day time].


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I've wanted to visit that particular bookstore for months (found out about it via the tattered cover). I'm so glad you got to experience it!