Monday, May 3, 2010

1. First of all, I've been having breakfast at Cilantro. Because it is amazing. So amazing that I took a photo so as to attempt to provide you with evidence. And then I remembered that most photos of food don't look very appetizing. So here's the photo and you'll just have to trust me.

2. Saturday we went to Recoleta to go to the street market. It's in the park next to the famous Recoleta cemeratio. So we wandered the market. I purchased a lovely handmade shirt from this artist and some little silly items from a couple other artists.

3. Then we headed into the cemetario, which lives so completely out of the neighborhood of my expectations that it took me awhile of being there before I could connect to reality. It is a town. There's no grass. There are little buildings, all smooshed next to each other, all incredibly ornate made from all different materials. A lot of granite and marble. The buildings, they look like little houses and have doors. And you can see through the doors, into the room where you can see the coffins of the famous dead Argentinians that are entombed there. Some of the older tombs are falling apart and their doors are broken. A lot of cats live in the tombs and on the streets and they were going in and out of the broken coffins. Evita's tomb is there, is adorned with flowers always.

4. Our park on Anchorena

5. Our balcony at Reina Madre Hostel

6. I've been trying so hard to use my Spanish when I can that I'm thinking in half English half Spanish. I was accidentally translating [though often in broken Spanish] every thought I had while falling asleep last night. Sometimes it feels like my brain might collapse in on itself.

7. Went out for the first time Saturday night. A club called Podesta in Palermo. So here's my first people picture. Not that you can really see anyone, but it captures the night well.

8. Our asado [BBQ] Sunday night.

Note: the shirt I'm wearing in this picture is the one I bought at the Recoleta market on Saturday.


iwantmythunder said...

Yayyy look at you and all your new frins! My favorite pictures are from the cemetario. So cool. Who was Evita anyway? I don't know anything about her, just that she didn't want Argentina to cry for her. I love you my south american noodle. Also, the word they want me to type in to make sure i'm not a robot is "pholfemp."

Ali Pearl said...

Evita was the wife of Juan Peron, who was the president of Argentina at one point. It's a whole long story, but it's very interesting. She was beautiful. Everyone loved her.

I love you too my north american noodle. Hahahaha pholfemp. I have really weird combos of words sometimes and they make me laugh.