Friday, April 30, 2010

La Boca.

It's south of my hostel. So we go to Ave Santa Fe and I [being the only one who speaks Spanish] ask the kiosk man what bus. He says 152 and as he says it, it arrives and we spontaneously jump on it, hoping it's heading in the right direction. Once we passed la casa rosada, I knew we were headed south. Slowly learning BsAs landmarks.

The buildings in La Boca are famous because of their bright colors. I can't imagine ever being sad there, because it's so colorful, even on rainy days your world would be filled with crayon like brightness. It's fall in BsAs, and the trees are playing along with the buildings. Colors. So everything is even more beautiful, if that's possible.

I'm updating now because this seems to be the relaxed time of day. Watching Friends reruns with everyone in the living room and waiting to venture just downstairs for dinner. The man who sleeps in the bed across from mine, his name's Morris. He's from Israel, and he owns the restaurant downstairs. Como se what?? Amazing.

Aside: There's a balcony here. It overlooks our street. In the morning it's sunny, warm, and perfect. And there's a little park playground across the way.


Monet said...

Can you please come down to Austin and help Ryan and me paint our house bright purple and green?

Ali Pearl said...

That would be SO fun. I want a house just so I can paint it like these.