Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few things:

First. I am not going to start a separate travel blog for Argentina, so my travels will be documented here. My first four nights are going to be spent in a seemingly lovely hostel in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. I leave April 28th. And I have never done this before.

Second. Every single person that lives in Denver should attend as many off-site AWP events as possible starting this Wednesday and ending Saturday. If you look at my previous post, you will find a schedule of the events that I plan on attending. But there are even more options, which can be found on the AWP Denver 2010 website. Seriously. The country's writers are invading Denver for four days, and it will provide some incredible opportunities to do something a little different in this city where there is typically not too much do to [I'm been a little bitter/bored lately].

Third. I officially accepted my offer of admission from the University of Utah to be a student in their Masters in Literature program starting in August 2010. So I am moving to Salt Lake City, Utah in early to mid August. I've never seen the place, nor do I know a single person who lives there.

And now, because the Muse show is f&*#ing canceled because of "weather," R & I will go have a tasty dinner at Vesta Dipping Grill in Denver.

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