Saturday, March 27, 2010



starfruit>all other fruit

2. I am officially going to Argentina for three weeks in May. Excited>Nervous

3. It is looking like I will be attending the University of Utah [SLC] in pursuit of my masters in English literature starting in August. After which I will pursue my PhD. Grateful to be back in school>Scared of going somewhere I've never been, where I know no one


My best friends and I went to New York City last week and saw Air at Terminal 5. They finished the show with an amazing rendition of "La Femme d'Argent." Front row center>better seats than yours!

5. Shows I have been to since the start of 2010 that have made me smile: Air @ Terminal 5 [NYC], Midlake @ Bluebird, Dust on the Breakers @ Bluebird, Seventh Ray @ Air Conditioned Supper Club [Venice, CA], Hello Kavita @ Hi Dive. Next scheduled show: Muse. Live music>anything

6. I bought the new[ish] Midlake album yesterday, as well the Broken Bells album. I am loving both, but the new National album is what I'm really waiting for. Tuesdays>the rest of the week

7. It's time to take my life off of pause, starting now. Education, music, adventure=my livelihood


iwantmythunder said...

This post is pretty sweet. Starfruit is amazing. Awill.

Monet said...

I have never tried starfruit...which makes me sad. We are going to NYC at the end of May, which makes makes me happy! I will need to talk to you about where we should go, eat, be...