Thursday, January 21, 2010

A year ago was explosions and decisions and everything at once. And I stopped posting, because I stopped being aware of the things I was collecting, and was instead only aware of how to breathe, when to breathe, breathe and swim. But things have settled and I've amassed a lot over the past 12 months, which is a number I hate but will write anyway for purposes of proper recording.

Another problem has been music. There were new releases and moments of obsession, but nothing stuck. It's my fault. I can't seem to connect to much lately. But these posts will be my reason to try. To prove to myself that I didn't do all that breathing for nothing.

So I will start with this. "The High Road" by Broken Bells.

And also, as always when I lose my footing, the Counting Crows. This time, Recovering the Satellites.

I do have one new obsession to add to the list. It was born out of warm nights last summer spent talking under Valley stars. It actually started in Mexico some winter ago when I saw Orion dangling above the ocean. He followed me home and spent the summer above our houses, our conversations, our silence. And I felt safe. He disappeared for a long time, and recently, while driving the windy road that takes me back to my house, I found him peaking above the hogback, watching me fall in love with "Tree Bones" by Port O'Brien. When I see him, I don't even have to remember how to breathe.

Oh and there's this guy

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iwantmythunder said...

i love you sooo many billions. you are my bestest friend. forever.