Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Given my compulsive need to record, retain, remember, I feel it necessary to post several pictures from the last year of my life wherein I kind of disappeared... from... well from here at least. Think of it as very amateur photojournalism, done with an iPhone, and with one eye closed.

Paris on the Platte

San Diego, California

AWP Chicago


Sam Beam [Who opened for Flight of the Conchords at Red Rocks the night of my graduation day]

Decemberists, Fillmore, Denver

The Rocks, The Valley

Cabo, Mexico

21, Zengo

Bel Mar

Justin Vernon singing "Skinny Love" at the Fox in Boulder, Colorado

I found this on the call box outside of my apartment building.

Marina del Rey, California

A Life of Arctic Sounds [to Lake Tahoe!]

"Death Valley is so hot you will die"

Lake Tahoe, California

Culver City Farmer's Market, California

The Valley

Dishwasher, not my dishwasher.


California Winter

Apparently I never did stop collecting.


iwantmythunder said...

i love this. such a beautiful post. your pictures are really good. you might think about investing in a better camera :P

Ali Pearl said...

Thanks my Noodle. I would love a better camera except I wouldn't know how to use it and I would definitely forget to bring it places. That's why I use my iPhone as a camera, because I have it with me always.