Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Business, part uno

Outside Pepsi Center. I heart CNN.

One of the protests I got stuck in. A little unnecessary...

18th & Champa

I walked down to the Manifest Hope Gallery on 30th & Larimer

And this is what I found...

Then down to Civic Center Park to check out the scene.

There was free food from the Food Not Bombs people. It was super yummy.

Other undocumented events:
We went to Cuernavaca Park to put our names in for Rage tickets for tomorrow. Walked around and looked at what Tent City had to offer. Ate a little.
Many protests have taken place on my block.
I walked a total of 40 blocks today just to get free tickets to the Unconventional '08 show at Manifest Hope Gallery tomorrow night which will feature: Cold War Kids, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Nada Surf, and Silversun Pickups. I got the LAST two tickets.
We wandered around Civic Center Park asking about protests and meeting people.
Accosted some horrible anti-choice motherfucker with a graphic sign.
Hung out with a photographer while he captured everything.
Tried super hard not to open my mouth in a way that would lead to arrest [so far mostly good].
And here's a conversation I had with the cashier at a convenience store on my way to Manifest Hope:
[I pick up a Manifest Hope flier]
Him: That's where you're going.
Me: Yeah. Yeah actually it is. How did you know that?
Him: I could just tell. Have some water.
Me: Thanks. I just walked 20 blocks here.
[Later, on my way back]
Him[shouting from across the street]: enjoy the long journey home!!!!

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